All eyes are on Chet Holmgren, but he gave Steph Curry a shoutout.

“Steph Curry was the turning point to everybody knowing about me,” Holmgren said.

It was a moment that even Steph Curry could do nothing but appreciate.

he two jousted at each other in the pickup game, but it came from nothing but mutual respect.

"Hearing about him before he came to my All-American camp, you can see his stature, he’s huge, he’s skilled," Curry said. 

 "He’s kind of like a unicorn in that respect,". "I got out there and played with him in the scrimmage that we had and he had a little power moment going.

The 2022 NBA season belongs to Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, but tonight belongs to Chet Holmgren. 

Holmgren had the chance to play against Curry in a pickup game briefly in 2019 during Curry's SC30 training camp. 

There was a specific moment where Holmgren decided to guard Curry that he specifically remembers.