James told us out in NYC that he believes his son, Eden James, and Peyton Manning's nephew, Arch Manning

will rekindle the legendary James-Manning connection in the league in just a few years.

"I'm calling it right now," Edgerrin told us. "They're both going to be in the NFL together. The next wave -- 2.0!"

Edgerrin, whose son will be a freshman running back on the Howard Univ. football team this year

 made the promise just hours after Arch, the top-ranked QB in the 2023 H.S. class, committed to Texas.

"When I saw Arch Manning coming out in 2023, I have my son that's at Howard, so I said it's going to be a reconnection in the future," Edgerrin said. 

"You're going to see my son -- you're going to see James-Manning connection."

also told us about a cool NFT project he's been working on -- can't wait for Round 2 to go down.