How I Met Your Father Web Series Facts

How I Met Your Father is an American sitcom created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger

# 1 

It premiered on Hulu on January 18, 2022.

# 2

It is a spin-off to How I Met Your Mother.

# 3

The series follows the main character, Sophie and her group of friends in New York City’s Manhattan.

# 4

Hillary Duff stars as Sophie along with Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, and Kim Cattrall.

# 5

In February 2022, the series was renewed for a second season.

# 6

The first season was met with mixed reception, with some criticism being directed at its attempts to capitalize on nostalgia without offering anything new.

# 7