As more and more athletes imitate Stephen Curry’s “Night Night” celebration

Grizzlies guard Ja Morant couldn’t help but comment about it and the influence of the Warriors sharpshooter.

Several athletes across various sports and leagues have whipped out the “Night Night” gesture that Curry popularized during the 2022 NBA Playoffs. 

Upon seeing the wave of people doing it, Morant took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the new trend taking over the sports world.

Ja Morant Tweet :- Inspirational

Now I’m not sure if Ja Morant is being sarcastic or genuine with his comment

but given the respect he has shown Stephen Curry during their showdown, let’s go with the latter.

Most recently, WNBA stars Sabrina Ionescu and Skylar Diggins-Smith channeled their best Curry impersonations with the “Night Night” gesture.

They even got the attention of Curry himself, who asked to keep the movement going.

The “Night Night” celebration is only getting started, so don’t be surprised if more athletes pull it off during matches.