Jimmy was born on September 14th, 1989. Just after Jimmy was born, Jimmy’s father abandoned the family leaving Jimmys care to his now single mother.

# 1

at the age of 13, Jimmy's mom kicked Jimmy's out of the house. This ultimately lead to Jimmy bouncing from friends house to friends house until he was a senior in high school.

# 2

“You gotta go”. That was the last thing Jimmy’s mom said before she kicked him out when he was 13. 

# 3

Jimmy Butler is one of the best shooters in the NBA at the moment.

# 4

His sharpshooting in the early years earned him the nickname ‘Jimmy Bucket”.

# 5

Jimmy Butler was named in the NBA All-Stars in 2015 for the first time and made three more appearances consecutively. 

# 6

Jimmy Butler has been traded a total of three times in his NBA career. Jimmy Butler was traded for the first time in 2017

# 7

He was a part of the United States basketball team that won the gold in the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

# 8

Jimmy Butler is a big fan of Paris Saint-Germain and Neymar

# 9

Jimmy Butler has been dating 30-year-old Kaitlin for a while now. 

# 10