John Wall hasn't played in an NBA game since April 23, 2021. But that "streak" may be coming close to a conclusion.

Wall and the Houston Rockets are expected to again talk about a buyout. 

 After he exercised his player option last week, Wall is owed $47.4 million for next season in the final year of his contract.

Last season, after Houston made it clear they had no interest in giving Wall minutes, there were buyout rumors. 

But with over $90 million owed to Wall over two seasons, talks didn't go very far. 

Now, after missing a second full season in the last three years, Wall is said to be open to the idea.

Should the Rockets be unable to find a trade partner, Wall is expected to give back some portion of that $47.4 million salary to gain his freedom. 

If that happens, the LA Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat would be interested in bringing in Wall.