His nicknames include KG, the Big Ticket, the Kid and the Franchise.

# 1

He was named Mr. Basketball for South Carolina in 1994 and for Illinois in 1995.

# 2

Garnett was named USA Today's 1995 High School Player of the Year.

# 3

Kevin Maurice Garnett was born May 19th, 1976 to Shirley Garnett. & He has two sisters, one younger and one older.

# 4

In his senior year of high school, he moved to Chicago and played for the local basketball team where he was named Mr. Basketball in Illinoi.

# 5

In the summer of 2004 he married his longtime girlfriend Brandi Padilla, which forced him to miss the Olympics.

# 6

Kevin has several tattoos, including one with his initials and another one that reads “Blood, Sweat and Tears”.

# 7

He has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets.

# 8

He is a big fan of memorabilia and has kept every single game jersey he has ever used.

# 9

He once yelled at his teammate Glenn Davis so hard during a game that he made him cry in the bench.

# 10