Larry Bird’s middle name is “Joe’’ and Larry Bird once scored 60 points in a game.

# 1

Larry Bird has never gotten a haircut & Larry Bird can pick you up with his arms.

# 2

Larry Bird grew up in French Lick, Indiana.

# 3

Larry Bird has been quietly working on a three-part, 7,000-word biography of Abraham Lincoln.

# 4

Abraham Lincoln has been quietly working on a similar biography about Larry Bird.

# 5

Larry Bird has a secretary named “Lincoln.’’ & Lincoln has a secretary named “Larry Bird.’’

# 6

Larry Bird sneezes when he looks directly at the sun.

# 7

Larry Bird tries to drink eight glasses of water a day, but sometimes he can’t.

# 8

Larry Bird took baths in Boston Common. These were known as “Bird Baths.’’

# 9

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson meet every Friday night to play “Magic: The Gathering.’’  Larry Bird and Michael Jordan play “Magic: The Gathering’’ on Thursday nights, and don’t tell Magic Johnson.

# 10