James shoots primarily with his right hand but he is ambidextrous so can also shoot lefty.


Lebron James was the First Black Man on the Cover of Vogue Magazine

# 2

LeBron married his high-school girlfriend, they have sired 3 children and is a great father to them.

# 3

LeBron James’ mother was 16 years old when she gave birth to him. He never met his biological father, though.

# 4

LeBron wasn't the highest-paid guy on his own team until age 31.

# 5

LeBron Was Compared to Michael Jordan While in High School

# 6

 LeBron James won the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013

# 7

In 2013, James Became the Youngest Player in NBA History to Score 20,000 Career Points

# 8

LeBron James spent $670,000 on his Lamborghini Aventador. 

# 9

LeBron James has a $36 million mansion in Beverly Hills. This home has a movie theater, a tennis court, two guesthouses, seven bathrooms, and four bedrooms.

# 10