Salah is a fan of ‘Kushari’ a famous Egyptian dish consisting of a base of rice, lentils, and pasta mixed together with garlic vinegar and a spiced tomato sauce.

# 1

Salah is a huge fan of Leonardo Di Caprio and actor Khaled El Nabawy.

# 2

Salah is also a huge fan of the American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist, Muhammad Ali Clay.

# 3

Salah has a wife, Magi Mohamed who he married in 2017 and they are blessed with a daughter, Makkah Mohamed.

# 4

In 2014, Salah’s future in football came into question when his educational programme that allowed him to stay abroad was rescinded

# 5

The 15-million-euro-net-worth player has taken it upon himself to alleviate poverty in his hometown, Nagrig in Gharbia.

# 6

The Egyptian military often forces its people to serve in the military. And Salah could have become one of them. 

# 7

He lives a simple and humble life, and he is polite and when it comes to giving responses to questions on interviews he is very open.

# 8

Mohamed Salah is one of the fastest football players as for the 2013-2014 season Premier League statistics with an average top speed of 20.7 kilometer-per-hour

# 9

Most football players get songs from their fans after a good performance in the field. Many songs have been created for Mohamed Salah to serenade his performance

# 10