He once missed a week of practice and a couple of games overseas due to inflammation in his right hand — a quirky cost of signing too many autographs for fans.

# 1

Jokic was 17 when he became a pro, leaving home to join KK Mega Basket

# 2

He was born in a small town near Serbia’s border with Hungary and Croatia.

# 3

When the Nuggets drafted him, he was sleeping.

# 4

He used to drink a massive amount of Coke every day.

# 5

He was by far the youngest player on the Serbian National Team that won silver medal at the 2016 Olympics. He was the team’s top rebounder.

# 6

He led the Nuggets in PER and Win Shares his rookie season. He’s doing it again this year.


He’s only the 363rd player in the NBA salary-wise this season.

# 8

He’s a big fan of ‘Friends’.

# 9

He is not only the first MVP in franchise history, but Jokic is already the team’s all-time leader in career double-doubles and triple-doubles.

# 10