In response to everybody who thinks that Scottie Pippen is old and bitter these days,

 his son would probably say … that you are exactly right.

Scotty Pippen Jr., the son of the Hall of Fame forward, threw some shade at his dad on Tuesday. 

Scotty, who recently signed a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, was asked if he had recently played one-on-one with his father. 

The younger Pippen replied that it had been at least a couple of years because his dad stopped playing with him.

“I was wearing him out,” said Scotty, per Lakers writer Kyle Goon. “I used to beat him, and he would fake injuries and stuff. 

He wouldn’t give me the credit so we stopped playing a while ago.”

Of course, Scottie is 56 now, and his son is only 21, having just made First Team All-SEC last season with 20.4 points per game for Vanderbilt. 

Thus, you cannot really expect Scottie to hold up in a game of one-on-one these days.

But the image of Scottie getting salty, taking the ball, and leaving is pretty on-brand with the way that he has carried himself in recent years.