Skip Bayless is having a field day thanks to Russell Westbrook.

Bayless criticized the Los Angeles Lakers’ draft choice on Thursday night.

He joked how the prospect’s poor 3-point shooting percentage would fit in perfectly with “Westbrick.”

Westbrook despises that name and tweeted back at the FOX Sports personality.

On Sunday, Bayless responded. He called Westbrook the “most overpaid player ever.”

Bayless also mocked Westbrook for blaming his shooting woes on the media.

It’s funny that Westbrook thinks Bayless wouldn’t call him “Westbrick” to his face.

Bayless lives for challenges like that. The Lakers guard is playing right into Bayless’ hands by giving him more attention. 

Westbrook is also proving himself to be extremely thin-skinned and sensitive.

Bayless Tweeted :- Hey, Russell Westbrook ( @russwest44 ) ... happy to talk face-to-face about the nickname I believe I originated in 2012. 

Bayless Tweeted :- JOIN ME ON TV/PODCAST. Let's talk about how you'll make $47 mil next yr after being THE WORST 3-PT SHOOTER IN THE NBA! Most overpaid player ever? PLEASE JOIN ME