Top 7 Stefon Diggs Facts 

 Stefon Diggs set a career record in 2020 with the Buffalo Bills with over 110 receptions

# 1

In January of 2017, Stefon Diggs was accused on social media of forcing a woman to abort his unborn child

# 2

Some high-profile women have been linked with Stefon Diggs over the years like Danni the Dream, Bridgett Kelly, baby mamma, Tyler Marie 

# 3

Stefon Diggs’ dad, Aaron, died at the age of 39.

# 4

The wide receiver has become well-known for his footwear choices around the holidays

# 5

Stefon Diggs is just 28 years old, but his girlfriend, Tae Heckard is much older (43)

# 6

 It’s no secret that Stefon and Josh Allen are besties. They were even on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids “BFF Issue” in September. B

# 7