His favorite player as a kid was Muggsy Bogues.

# 1

His father is Wardell Stephen “Dell” Curry, a former professional basketball player.

# 2

Stephen Curry grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina where the family has a 16-acre property. 

# 3

Stephen Curry loves popcorn, and he’s a tough critic of the snack. He has a ranking of the best and worst popcorn in all of the NBA stadiums. 

# 4

Curry says that he would have been a professional golfer had he not chosen basketball.

# 5

Steph Curry and LeBron James were born in the same hospital

# 6

He has a good relationship with Barack Obama

# 7

Stephen Curry is a 3 time NBA champion, for the years 2015, 2017, and 2018.

# 8

In 2015 and 2016 Stephen Curry was voted NBAs Most Valuable Player.

# 9

Stephen Curry is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He is 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds.

# 10