Stephen Curry’s net worth is approximated to be $170 Million.

He plays for the same team that his father used to play for. He started playing basketball when he was just three years old.

After Mother and Father, the third thing he pronounced was a ball.

He is one of the finest basketball players in the NBA. He is the highest-paid basketball player in the world the NBA.

He currently lives in a mansion that comes with a price tag of 35 million dollars. 

He also has some property in Texas, but that property is purely for business Ventures. He is never going to leave California for Texas. 

The world’s best American professional basketball player “Stephen Curry” has a net worth of $170 Million. 

Most of that money has come from his basketball career. Apart from basketball, He has also delved into the world of TV. 

 His yearly salary is somewhere around 15 to 30 million dollars.

Stephen Curry was born on March 14th, 1988 in Acorn, Ohio. His birth city was not just a coincidence.