T.J. Watt has two well-known brothers also playing in the NFL, J.J. and Derek Watt

# 1

T.J. Watt was drafted in 2017 by the Steelers as the 30th overall pick

# 2

T.J. Watt played college football for the Wisconsin Badgers, following in his brothers’ footsteps

# 3

 T.J. says he hates scary movies because he doesn’t want to waste his time or money to be scared.

# 4

T.J. revealed that he actually prefers eating with a spoon. Since he likes to enjoy his meals from the comfort of his couch, the spoon and bowl combo are his go-to

# 5

T.J. says old brother J.J. is his role model, inspiration, and someone he can talk to about anything.

# 6

TJ Watt is currently dating Dani Rhodes, who plays soccer for the Badgers.

# 7

TJ Watt cited his grandfather as the greatest inspiration for his work.

# 8

TJ Watt was named to the 2015 Pro Bowl where Cris Carter, team captain of Team Carter, selected Watt to be his captain on defense.

# 9

 In 2012, TJ Watt had one of the best seasons for a defensive player in NFL history.

# 10