In June 2017 the outside linebacker signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers that nets him a massive salary of 2.3 Million Dollars (1.9 Million Euros) per year.

TJ Watt is a famous Football Player, who was born on October 11, 1994 in United States.

 this means he earns $6,341 (€5,301) per day and $264 (€221) per hour!

Location: Wisconsin, United States

 Where does he live?

Mercedes Benz

What does he drive?

Father - John, John used to be a firefighter for 25 years. You, sir, are a hero. 


The Chinese symbol on his pecs means family.  The siblings have the same tattoo on each of their bodies.

Watt Tattoo

Dani Rhodes, Dani looks beautiful. She plays soccer, aka the proper version of football, for the Chicago Red Stars.

Love Life

TJ Watt's height 6 ft 4 in TJ weight 236  lbs